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Hot Yoga


Monday 6.25-7.25pm

Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm

Saturday 10.20-11.20am

“I have been practising Hot Yoga  for 2 years now and would not have come so far without Indira as my teacher. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also extremely patient.

I honestly learn something  new every time I attend one of her classes. As yoga becomes more popular, with hundreds of teachers popping up everywhere, I’m so glad to have found such an amazing one!” Rina

Why you should try Hot Yoga


You get all the perks of a normal Yoga class but with the following added benefits:

  • tone up more
  • burn more calories
  • detox as you sweat out toxins
  • enjoy greater flexibility as the muscles are warmer
  • less discomfort from existing injuries as the heat eases tension

What’s not to love? During the colder months in particular a heated Yoga studio can be so much more inviting, especially if you prefer to be warm.

This class is NOT a Bikram class. In Bikram you do the same poses in the same order, every single time. It is also much hotter.


It’s not all hot air!

I keep the studio at a much more tolerable 35 degrees and because we have state of the art infrared heaters, the heat warms up the surface areas as well as penetrating your muscles, rather than heating the air. So it’s not like walking into an oven, it’s more like feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin!
Good value for money

Most central London studios charge at least £15-20 for a one hour Hot Yoga class.

You can buy 10 Hot Yoga classes with me for just £80 or 5 for £45 – all year round!

This is not just an introductory offer.

To book a block of 5 Hot Yoga classes click here.