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Yoga in Enfield and N21, North London

Yin Yoga

restorative2Yin Yoga


Every Tuesday starts 25th September



£12 drop in or just £1.90 with September special offer!


Most Yoga classes are very Yang, in other words, fast and moving quickly from one thing to the next – just like our day to day existence. When we are constantly rushing we put ourselves at risk of burn out. Quite simply we need to take time out and slow down. Yin classes, where we hold the poses for longer periods of time using props for comfort, are the perfect opportunity to do just that.


2 hour Relaxing Yin Workshop

7th October 1.30-3.30pm

£20 per person

If you enjoy Yin Yoga then you are in for a real treat! It’s the perfect antidote to our fast paced, stressful lives and every workshop will help you recharge your batteries and leave you feeling as relaxed as if you had been on a spa weekend.